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As every month passes, the number of ISIF teachers and instructors gets bigger and bigger. With their help, our School is creating multimedia courses, conducting webinars, releasing video master classes, and conducting on-site training.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our trainers, mentors and teachers, ISIF students can learn all they need to know about financial success, realize their dreams, become the masters of their lives, and take command of their time, money and health.

For us it is a great honor to work with and learn from these outstanding people of our time. It is with great pleasure that we present to you some of our School's great trainers and mentors of financial success.

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is one of the worlds most trusted leadership advisers

Robin Sharma is the celebrated author of 11 bestselling books on leadership, including The Leader Who Had No Title (Simon & Schuster), one of the bestselling business books on the market today. His work has been published in over 60 countries and nearly 75 languages, making him one of the most widely read authors in the world. He shot to fame with The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (HarperCollins) which has topped international bestseller lists and sold over 3,000,000 copies.

Celebrity CEOs, rock stars, top entrepreneurs and royalty have all embraced his work. As well as being a much sought-after speaker globally, Robin is alsoa widely respected CEO advisor having worked with Fortune 500 CEOs and leaders all over the world.


John Whitmore

Sir John Whitmore is the founder of coaching and the no. 1 business coach in the world according to “The Independent” newspaper. John Whitmore became the author of the ABC of coaching — a book entitled “Coaching for Performance”, which has helped hundreds of thousands of people to become first class trainers.

Now John Whitmore is Executive Chairman of Performance Consultants International, which everyday helps dozens of companies, including great names such as IBM, T-Mobile, Nokia, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, HSBC, Procter & Gamble, Royal Bank of Scotland to reach their performance targets.


Don Failla

Don is a professional business coach, who has helped more than one million people to build multi-level marketing organizations (MLM). He is the author of the best selling books The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life and The System: The 3 Steps to Building a Large, Successful Network Marketing Organization, which have been printed in over 20 languages and have sold millions of copies.


Sahar Hashemi

Sahar studied at Bristol University and gave up her professional job as a lawyer in London to start her own business.

On November 2nd, 1994 Sahar Hashemi and her brother, Bobby, an investment banker, were sitting in a London cafe. Sahar complained about the lack of availability of cream cappuccino in London, and her brother suggested that she launch her own coffee shop chain. This is how Coffee Republic began.


John Von Achen

John Von Achen is one of the most respected peak performance experts in the emerging markets of Europe, Asia, Russia and the C.I.S., hi has become a legend when it comes to helping individuals and organizations achieve their maximum performance.

Through his thought provoking seminars and exceedingly popular books, John Von Achen reaches an audience of tens of thousands from around the world every month. Because of his record for enhancing corporate and personal achievement, small progressive companies, medium sized enterprises, Fortune 500 companies and multinational organizations regularly turn to John Von Achen for their training, coaching and consulting needs.


Mike Lipkin

Mike Lipkin is a leading trainer and expert in the field of motivation in North America. Renowned as an ‘outstanding Canadian speaker,’ Mr. Lipkin is also the author of four best selling books: Keeper of the Flame, One Life, One Meeting — How To Build Preeminence One Conversation At A Time, Luck Favors The Brave, and On Fire! The Art of Personal Consistency.

Mr. Lipkin is the president of motivation and sales at Environics Research Group, one of the leading research companies in Canada. His personal goal is to help people achieve success by providing them with the information that will spur them to action.


Nancy Failla

Nancy is a professional trainer of success and leadership, a shining motivator, a successful entrepreneur and the well-known author of many books regarding multi-level marketing.

She has co-written many books with her spouse, Don Failla, including the book The System: The 3 Steps to Building a Large, Successful Network Marketing Organization. Her books, The Time for Women is NOW and Fun to Be Free, have been published in many countries around the world.

In 2009, Nancy, together with her husband, Don Failla, created the exclusive Master of Network Marketing Course for ISIF students.


Adrian Webster

Adrian is one of the greatest and best selling authors in Great Britain. His first book, Polar Bear Pirates and Their Quest to Reach Fat City, is being sold worldwide.

Adrian is actively gaining new admirers. Among his grateful clients today are Siemens, HSBC, Hewlett-Packard, and many other companies in various countries around the world.

Today Adrian is one of the most popular motivational speakers in Great Britain; he knows how to inspire common people to make cardinal changes in their own lives.


Adrian Furnham

Professor Adrian Furnham is a Doctor of Psychology at Oxford University. He was educated at the London School of Economics and at Oxford University.

He is a teacher at Pembroke College at Oxford University, and works as a professor of psychology at the University College of London.

The lectures he gave became widely popular abroad, especially at the University of New South Wales, Henley Management College, the University Business School in Hong Kong, as well as at the University of the West Indies.


Mark Bernberg

Mark graduated from UCT with double honours in Economics and Finance. In 2004, after a successful career in investment banking in London, he returned to South Africa to start up a wholesale trading business in precious stones.

Following the sale of this business to a multi-national conglomerate, he turned his attention to the strategy of business interaction.


Jonathan Gabay

Jonathan Gabay is a creative branding expert, founder of Brand Forensics. He is rated in the top three most popular lecturers at the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Leading business organisations as well as UK FTSE companies in sectors ranging from finance and technology to FMCG and travel, feature Jonathans award winning copywriting and marketing strategies and he is popularly regarded as one of the foremost independent creative’s in the field.

Among Jonathan’s clients are such companies as: BMW (UK) Ltd, Orange, Allen- Vanguard, Wescot Credit Services, TetraPak Ukraine, Shell, Vipnet, GJ Sheppard BI Worldwide and many others.


Jayne Storey

Jayne Storey has many years of experience developing techniques to maximize personal, professional and organizational potential.

She is a member of the Women's Institute of Management and the International Stress Management Association. She holds a Certificate from the International Therapy Examination (ITEC) in Anatomy, Physiology and Remedial Massage. She is an instructor in the Chinese internal martial arts of Chi Kung and Tai Chi, which concentrate on reducing stress and cultivating internal health and well-being.


Philip Hesketh

Philip Hesketh is one of the best professional and most popular speakers of our time in Great Britain, and author of the international bestseller on the psychology of persuasion, Life’s A Game So Fix The Odds.  

Philip Hesketh is a psychology graduate from Newcastle University, and gained invaluable experience working at one of the world’s biggest companies, Procter & Gamble.

In 1986 Philip became one of the founders of Advertising Principles in Great Britain. He took his advertising agency to 17 consecutive years of growth from zero to billings of £48 million. However, Philip decided to sell his successful business to become a full-time professional speaker on the topic of ‘The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence’, which he has been studying his entire working life.


Shirley Hickman-Smith

Shirley Hickman-Smith is one of the leading speakers in the National Speakers Association of Southern Africa and among the best in her profession. She has 8,000 hours of personal training and 700 presentations to thousands of grateful students under her belt.

Her reputation is impeccable, and her talks are set apart by her deep understanding and the special atmosphere she creates. Shirley can reach the hearts and minds of an audience like no other.


Andy Edwards

Andy Edwards is a renowned expert in communications and the author of online bestsellers I've Upped My Sales — Up Yours! and Beyond Mars & Venus. For the past 20 years he has owned and run a successful consultancy, helping thousands of organizations and individuals increase their contribution and their net worth. Andy’s services are successfully used by Barclays, Simplyhealth, Paul Smith, JP Morgan and many others.


Tim Fearon

Tim Fearon is a Certified NLP Trainer, Certified NLP Coach.

To coaching, Tim brings the power of NLP, the discipline of a classical actor’s training.

He has nine years experience as a professional actor and director and over twenty years of working in results driven corporate environments.


Emma Sargent

Emma went straight from a psychology degree into publishing where she spent five years putting her degree to good use in sales and sales management!

Emma has spent the last fifteen years working internationally as a trainer and coach with both corporate and private clients.


Ken Hames

Following an impressive 25 year military career, Ken Hames has brought a unique slant to the many documentaries that he has created and presented for television. Ken’s third series of ‘Beyond Boundaries’ was set in the Andes range in Ecuador and followed his highly acclaimed BBC1 documentary ‘Ex Forces and Homeless’ , his next broadcast series will be ‘Beyond Boundaries – Where Are They Now’.

Ken has created and presented series like ‘Mission Africa’ - a 15 part series for primetime BBC1 where Ken took a group of young apprentice builders from the UK to Kenya to build the first eco lodge and game reserve to protect the endangered species that live there working closely with the Born Free Foundation. This was then handed over to the local Samburu tribe as a sustainable business that also protects the wildlife.


Penny Mallory

Penny Mallory is now one of the UK´s most famous and sought after motivational speakers. She is also one of the few successful women rally drivers and the first woman in the world to drive a World Rally Car (the Formula One of rallying)!

Among her clients are such giants of the world business, as: Esure, Nissan, Honda, GM/Opel, Visteon, Skillnet, Rotary International, Blackberry, Service Network North East, KPMG, Greater Manchester Strategic Heath Authority, Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermarston and many others.


Kevin Chaplin

Managing Director of the South African Ubuntu Foundation, voted top guest speaker at UCT for 2005, writer.

Kevin grew up in KwaZulu Natal, spent 10 years in Gauteng before moving to Cape Town in 2000.

He graduated with a BComm degree majoring in Accounts and Business Economics from UNISA as well as an Associate Diploma in Banking.  He recently completed the UCT Graduate School of Business Executive Management Development Programme.


Rebecca Baldridge

Rebecca is a professional investor with unique knowledge in the fields of sales, marketing, capital creation and financial literacy. She has extensive working experience in international and fast-developing markets.

She is an excellent speaker, who has great financial, analytical and literary skills and abilities. Rebecca holds a degree in financial analysis.

Rebecca Baldridge has held management positions in some of the leading companies around the world, such as Lehman Brothers, The Bank of New York and JPMorgan Asset Management. In addition, as an independent consultant, she has helped many major companies, such as Merrill Lynch, Enterprise Funds, and Mark Stevens & Company.


Siyabonga Mapoko

Siyabonga Mapoko (Siya) — the founder of iCaptive — is also the author of Conversations with JSE AltX Entrepreneurs.

Over the past five years Siya has done a lot and has had a lot of fun — he has moved from studying science at UCT and in England; to equity trading at Investec Asset Management; to starting businesses in digital media (iCaptive) and publishing; to writing and publishing a book; to touring the country speaking to business audiences, thousands of students and entrepreneurs; to becoming one of the youngest directors to sit in the board of one of SA’s top Outdoor Media companies. He was also a finalist for the 2008 KPMG/Cape Times Business Personality of the Year Award: Editor’s Award.


Jo Gambi

Jo’s university summer vacations saw her passion for travel and adventure develop as she worked overseas extensively in Kenya, Romania, Bolivia, US, Greece and Malaysia being sailing instructor and lifeguard to hospital and church. In 1997 Jo’s career changed direction as she wanted to pursue a profession more dedicated towards helping people – something she had always enjoyed throughout her ten years of work in communities. After gaining a degree in Physiotherapy she worked at University College London Hospitals (UCLH), one of the country’s leading NHS trusts as well as working privately for the London Welsh Rugby Club and teaching Clinical Pilates.


Dominic Knight

Dominic has studied the internal forces that help to gain success and become happy. He knows what rules over people, what inspires them and what can make them reveal, overcome fears and conventions.

He possesses technique which was discovered many years ago by two scientists from Santa Cruz – Dr. John Grinder and Dr. Richard Bendler. Grinder and Bendler studied together at the University of California in Santa Cruz in the beginning of 70s of the twentieth century.


Rosie Gray

Rosie is a leading expert in the field of time management and effective distribution of tasks and responsibilities. She is the author of the series entitled Time Management, and has experience in communicating with a variety of clients - from housewives to small, specialized companies. She also has extensive experience in business management.

Rosie pays a great deal of attention to studying human indicators and staff characteristics, to identify who is getting the best results. In the future, she aims to quickly and easily teach others certain skills and techniques.


Greg Bowman

Greg Bowman is a certified specialist in business development. He is currently the marketing and group sales lead manager for Tarsus PLC — one of the world leaders in the media market.

Greg has fourteen years’ experience in the advertising business under his belt which makes him an expert in the fields of marketing and trade.


Nigel Gifford

Nigel Gifford is a successful and agile entrepreneur. Beside this, he is the author of planning expeditions and travelling books. He worked as a sub-editor for “Geographical”, the official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society.

Everything that he has learnt and continues to learn in the world of adventures, Nigel incorporates even into business: risk assessment, strategics, tactics and that which he calls “guerilla marketing”.


Simon Scotting

Simon is a certified financial analyst and a professional investor helping thousands of well-to-do people and companies worldwide to form effective investment portfolios and earn profits even during the most trying times.

Simon Alexander Scotting works in the fully developed and in newly developing financial markets. He acts as consultant to both private and corporate investors.