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Legal Information

Property rights and intellectual property

All the documents and materials on the IUIF website (hereinafter referred to as “Site”) constitutes the property of the IUIF Corporation, which is a proxy partner of ISIF Limited (hereinafter – “the Provider”) and are copyright protected under international law, in accordance with which, the intellectual rights of Materials have been assigned to the Provider.

Any materials received by the Customer via e-mail or published on the Site are provided solely for private non-commercial use. The Customer does not have the right to copy, broadcast, send via e-mail, and/or publish any materials from the Site and from informative/analytical products without written consent of the Provider. The Customer is entitled to copy Materials and print a single duplicate of Materials for personal use within the limits of the services provided by the Provider for the organization of education that is not connected with the receipt of profit from educating a third party, whether the distribution of Materials is compensated or uncompensated, including all other cases of the distribution of Materials.

Copyright infringement includes the distribution of Materials by means of publication, the use of Materials in any subsequent work or products, and using any part of the Materials, including citing the Materials, without indicating the author and the legal owner of the Materials.

Copyright protection covers texts, calculations, tables, images, multimedia, program codes and other objects of proprietary right according to the international laws in the field of the intellectual property and legislation of the countries which protect the intellectual property rights of the Materials . This copyright covers the original Materials created by the Provider, as well as revised, and openly published Materials.

If the Customer provides IUIF with Materials that they have created themselves, the Customer acknowledges the right of the Provider to re-edit and distribute the information in other ways as a part of the Provider’s Materials in observance of the rule of citing and referencing to the Customer as the author.

Any information, materials and opinions published on the Site are subject to change without prior notification.

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