GMT 12/04/2021 03:36

The International ISIF School offers a unique opportunity to obtain an education and knowledge from leading teachers of the world without leaving home and at any time convenient to you.

Education from ISIF consists of hundreds of interactive learning step by step videos and multimedia courses, master classes, workshops and webinars, mutually complementing each other and creating a unified educational system.

ISIF is unparalleled in the world of education, as it combines all the most effective training methods, as well as knowledge gathered from around the world.

The ISIF training program includes: the definition of life goals, the realization of the dream and its realization, making a personal financial plan. As well as over 100 courses on leadership, communication, change management, business skills, decision making, management skills, team management, negotiation skills, business coaching, career management, time management, personal finance and investing.

ISIF Teachers are the outstanding orators of our time, recognized leaders, successful business people, world-renowned professors, whose names are known in many countries.

A significant part of the educational programs at ISIF is presented by SkillSoft, the world leader in e-learning courses. International corporations use SkillSoft courses to train their employees. All this indicates a high quality of educational material.

ISIF International School was founded in 2008 in the UK. Traditionally training at the School has been focused on Eastern Europe and CIS countries. But in a short period of time the quality online learning has become popular worldwide. Today ISIF has taught thousands of students from 60 countries, among them: Russia, CIS, Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Canada, USA and others. In September 2010, ISIF was accredited by the European Council for Business Education.

Studying with ISIF is simple: it suffices to have only a small amount of free time and internet access. Modern high-tech multimedia lessons from ISIF and SkillSoft will be open for you round the clock, which allows you to study at any time convenient to you.

The main objective of the School is to help millions of people around the world to become masters of their own lives, be confident in their financial future and the future of their children, to live a rich and interesting life.